The Indian forests are ancient ,it has a rich forest wealth .They are rich in variety and provide shelter to wide range of flora and  fauna and users .the wildlife in India is also very rich and diverse. Ranging from big animals like elephants, tigers and deer’s bison to small reptiles. The Indian forests are teeming with life and force .

The growing population‘s high demand for best resources causing destruction and degradation of forests.

About 20 % of total forest land is in Madhya Pradesh other stats with significant forests are Orissa, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh (about 9% each), Arunachal Pradesh 7 % & UP/Uttarakhand 6%. Efforts are being made to conservation forest and wild life of India.

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Precision Components & Engineering is a leading distributor of renowned companies & Stockiest of forestry and wildlife equipments in India .Your search for any type of forestry and wildlife instruments ends here. We are distribution of many renowned companies dealing with wildlife & forestry equipments. For all your need is there with the best products and availability to meet your demanding schedule under one roof. Our objective is always been to provide its customers with latest equipments the market could offer. That’s how we built our reputation & how we intend to continue to preserve it.

We deals in large variety of forestry equipments like Binoculars ,compass, GPS, Haga Altimeter , Increment Borer , laser range finder , night Vision Monocular , Range finder Hypsometer , sand Augers ,Soil Moisture meter , Spiegel relaskop , spotting scope , tree caliper, vernier caliper , weather station logger , wood moisture meter & Outdoors gears 
We have various departments under precision components & engineers working on different fields and these departments consists of well trained and efficient manpower which has been an integral part to take precision components and engineers to such height and are continuing to fulfill our sky reaching .Our engineers are capable to suggest you the configuration of the binocular that you may require for your field .
We are authorized distributor and import much of our equipments directoly from our principles . We provide equipments straight to our clients manufactured by premium companies in AUSTRALIA , EUROPE , USA , CHINA , JAPAN , FINLAND and other parts of globe .
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